What are multiple ways of delivering an order?

What are multiple ways of delivering an order?

KR4ALL Partner Delivery

You accept an order, you can select incoming order requests from the orders page.

    1. Click on an order request to expand and see received photo prescriptions or e-Prescriptions Requests from customers

    • Click on 'Create Invoice' to enter details of the available medicines along with their price and quantity.


    • At the next step, choose delivery method of your choice.
    • You can also choose to add discounts.
    • Click on 'Send order' to send this invoice to the customer to request for payment on this order.


    • You can track and see your order summary and details from the order page.

Self Delivery

  • You can have self- delivery and your own partners take care of the delivery service

  • In this one after creating the invoice for the order

  • You select self-delivery when selecting delivery preferences

  • If you have a delivery partner added beforehand you can select and proceed but if you haven’t added any you can just click on add now and proceed with adding a partner, you can select rate type as per your choice too

  • You can proceed with saving this and sending the order and tracking the order from order summary

At Store Pick-Up

  • Delivery method can be selected by the customer as 'Pick-up at the store'

  • In-store pickup can be pay at pickup or online paid


  • Customer can choose to pay online and visit store to pick up the order or pay at counter while collecting the order.

  • You can track the order from the order summary