I have multiple pharmacies, can I list them all on KR4ALL?

I have multiple pharmacies, can I list them all on KR4ALL?

Currently, you can only list one pharmacy on KR4ALL Pharmacy App. We are working on multiple pharmacy registration feature and will update the app in the future.
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    • What are multiple ways of delivering an order?

      KR4ALL Partner Delivery You accept an order, you can select incoming order requests from the orders page. Click on an order request to expand and see received photo prescriptions or e-Prescriptions Requests from customers Click on 'Create Invoice' to ...
    • What are the mandatory documents needed to list your Pharmacy on KR4ALL?

      You can sign up with KR4ALL with minimal documentation. Following documents would be mandatory for registration on KR4ALL : Drug Licence (Form 20, 21) Shops & establishments certificate GST certificate Bank account details PAN Number Once all the ...
    • What are benefits of having your own profile on KR4ALL?

      KR4ALL is an aggregator of local pharmacies. With KR4ALL, you get: - High visibiity for your pharmacy to nearby Customers - Easy to order for customers - Useful system compared to whatsapp to receive proper prescriptions - Easier to retain your ...
    • Is KR4All a Pharmacy?

      No. KR4ALL is an aggregator that helps local pharmacies to sell prescription based medicines online to customers near them through KR4ALL's FREE digital platform to grow their sales and orders.
    • How KR4ALL manages order delivery?

      KR4ALL uses multiple delivery methods : Store pick up by the customer You can choose to deliver it yourself.  You can also choose to pick the third party delivery partners of KR4ALL ​