How does KR4ALL manage doctors payment?

How does KR4ALL manage doctors payment?

All payments made through KR4ALL will be credited to the partner's registered bank account twice a week in a T+3 cycle.
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    • Can patients leave feedback for doctors on KR4All?

      Yes. Patients can leave their feedback after a consultation. But, it is not published on your profile on the KR4ALL App.
    • How to withdraw from KR4ALL at anytime? (How to contact KR4ALL support?)

      You can contact support and withraw from KR4ALL anytime. Our partners can contact us at and one of our representatives will get back to them at the earliest. - Go to your profile section, here you can find 'Help & Support' - ...
    • How to register myself on KR4ALL?

      Download the KR4ALL Doctors App from Play store or App Store.                    ​When you start with the app, you will get the option to register as a doctor, you can start by clicking the register button. Enter your personal details. Next, you will ...